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Networked City and Connecting Londoners

Networked City is a loose framework within which people, projects and organisations can learn how to use mapping, network building, data and technology for community and social benefit.

Over the past year we set up the Connecting Londoners group to explore how these approaches can contribute to the development of new civic infrastructure for London, at a time when funding cuts are reducing traditional support systems.

On March 27 2018 we ran an event on civic mapping for a fair and inclusive London. In the afternoon there were workshop discussions about different methods of mapping, network building and organising, with presentations and hands-on demonstrations.

In the evening we discussed how to develop a network, and how to support communities of practice through which we can learn together. We also discussed how London's Smart City can be a more Networked City, and set the agenda for a further event in May.


  • David Wilcox @davidwilcox
  • Matt Scott @ourwayahead
  • Drew Mackie @admaque
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