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The Networked City exploration

Networked City is an exploration into the role of network thinking and digital technology in reframing London's civil society and supporting social action.

It was started by David Wilcox and Drew Mackie on behalf of the London Voluntary Service Council, and is now being led by Matt Scott with David and Drew and a group formed following a launch event on January 10 2017.

The exploration aims to:

Networked City led to development of a group of projects committed to Connecting Londoners.

Connecting Londoners

We are developing Connecting Londoners as an initiative for anyone interested in how people, projects and organisations can cooperate and collaborate better for social good.

We are exploring three linked challenges as services and funding are cut, and the ways that people communicate are changing rapidly:

  • how will Londoners in future find out where to get help for themselves or their families in times of need; find local activities that interest them; share or sell items or services; find opportunities to volunteer; campaign for or against change in their community … and organise projects?
  • how can individuals, groups and organisations make use of the Internet - together with other methods - to cooperate and collaborate more effectively?
  • how can we ensure that those most in need, and most vulnerable, are not excluded by these changes?

This wiki contains background material on Networked City, and an archive of posts from our Networked City blog

If you want to stay in touch with Networked City you can:


Exploring how London can be a more Networked City
A background paper for our launch event on January 10 2017, including a summary of The Way Ahead initiative, models for cooperation and collaboration in the networked age, the development process for our exploration.

Supporting co-production
A note for The Way Ahead group on co-production, covering models for engagement, cooperation and collaboration, and the idea of local ecosystems.

Connecting Citizens
A paper summarising an approach to using digital technology, network thinking and self-organising to address three linked challenges: how people can find opportunities and services, and develop new relationships in their local communities; how to develop civic infrastructure when existing systems are reducing and new approaches are needed; supporting community connectors in their role of making connections and building relationship in local communities, and online

Blog posts

Most recent first

How network building and tech can support social action and integration in London - #netwcity event with the Deputy Mayor
On February 22 we'll have the chance to discuss with London's Deputy Mayor how the Networked City ideas we've developed so far can support his agenda.

Videos from our Networked City event including an interview with Harold Jarche
Here's videos from our Networked City event earlier this week, in case you missed excellent work in providing a live stream.

Follow us with #netwcity and a live stream about social good in a more networked London
Tomorrow January 31st we are exploring how to make London a more Networked City - and how to use digital technology and network thinking for social action.

Rethinking civil society - with lessons from rethinking work and Harold Jarche at free London event
We have a terrific opportunity on January 31 to rethink what's needed to do social good in London, with a free all-day event led by Harold Jarche, international expert on networks, social learning and leadership.

London as a #networkedcity gains support at first event - here's the plan
We had a terrific meeting at Newspeak House earlier this week as the launch of the London Networked City exploration.

Let’s talk about #goodforlondon to make sense of civil society and a networked city
Signups are going well for our event about London as a networked and neighbourly city, creating a Living Lab to help reframe civil society, using tech to support social action.
It’s about all of those things, and I suspect each idea resonates with different interests. I think that’s a problem, and we need an idea and a tag everyone can understand. How about #goodforlondon?

Exploring #thewayahead for London as a networked and neighbourly city: January 10 event
We are expanding the agenda for our event on January 10, which is looking at the role of technology and network thinking in London's civil society.

Help us co-design a Living Lab to show #thewayforward for London's civil society
The organisations that fund London's community groups and charities, and support volunteers, are exploring how best to make the capital a better place to live and work at a time of big funding cuts and population growth.
Here's how you can contribute ideas, in a modest way, on the role of technology and network thinking in enabling citizens to play a part - something so far missing from future plans.

Exploring #thewayahead for London's civil society infrastructure in the digital age
I'm starting a fascinating piece of work exploring how Londoners can in future better connect with each other, engage in local activities and find support.


  • Matt Scott @matt_lvsc
  • David Wilcox @davidwilcox
  • Drew Mackie @admaque
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