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 [A community space video](https://​​pOiHG3Q80ls) [A community space video](https://​​pOiHG3Q80ls)
 +<iframe width="​560"​ height="​315"​ src="​https://​​embed/​pOiHG3Q80ls?​rel=0"​ frameborder="​0"​ allowfullscreen></​iframe>​
 ![](http://​​images/​n16communityspace.JPG) ![](http://​​images/​n16communityspace.JPG)
 +**From the ideas sheet:**
 +A space e.g. room with access to a kitchen in which cooking can be done and working toilet. ​ If possible a small gardening space but it is optional. ​ To run a group of 8-12 and 14-20 year olds twice a week, covering self management and basic skills
 +**Method Cards:**
 +* **Mutual support**: enhance systems for volunteering,​ time banking etc. - Cooperating
 +* Endorse x 2
 +* Fund
 +* Share x 2
 +* Adopt/​deliver
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