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Map of challenges, ideas and methods

This is a map based on the results of the Our Way Ahead workshop hub game on November 16 2017. We set some challenges drawn from two sources: the original Way Ahead report, and the report containing detailed recommendations about the Hub.

We offered some initial ideas to meet the challenges - drawn from the reports - and invited players to add more. People then chose methods to support ideas. Details of those below in the links.

The map, developed using software, shows how the challenges, ideas and methods relate. You can click on the nodes to see more detail, and also videos of presentations if idea champions offered that. There is a further analysis of the map here

There is an analysis of the map below

Clusters from Kumu map

These are screenshots and analysis of the interactive map, above.

First, here's the way that the software, used to draw the original map, shows clusters. See the legend for cluster descriptions.

Table analysis clusters

This table shows how ideas and methods cluster around key nodes, coloured pink in the table.

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