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 * [Videos presentations and ideas sheets from the game](http://​​hubgame/​videos) * [Videos presentations and ideas sheets from the game](http://​​hubgame/​videos)
 * [Interactive map of challenges, ideas and methods](http://​​hubgame/​map) * [Interactive map of challenges, ideas and methods](http://​​hubgame/​map)
-* [Possible next steps - in draft](http://​​hubgame/​nextsteps)+* [Possible next steps including a Community of Practice- in draft](http://​​hubgame/​nextsteps)
 ![](http://​​images/​badges.JPG) ![](http://​​images/​badges.JPG)
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 * [Possible next steps - in draft](http://​​hubgame/​nextsteps) * [Possible next steps - in draft](http://​​hubgame/​nextsteps)
 * [Ideas for a Community Platform](http://​​hubgame/​platform) * [Ideas for a Community Platform](http://​​hubgame/​platform)
-* [[hubgame:​wylerreport]] 
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