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Exploring how Smart City meets Networked City

Civic mapping and network building for a fair and inclusive city

Connecting Londoners and JustMap are organising an event with Matt Scott, hosted by Newspeak House on March 27 2018, and a further event in April. Details below.


In March and April we are running two events to explore how to combine the idea of Smart Cities with those of Networked Cities.

“The smart city concept integrates information and communication technology (ICT), and various physical devices connected to the network (the Internet of things or IoT) to optimize the efficiency of city operations and services and connect to citizens”. Smart City: Wikipedia.

Over the past year we have exploredthe idea of Networked City as a smart city that is sharing, participatory and inclusive. It's about connecting people using technology and also every other way in which we can support human interaction. Here's how Barcelona is addressing the challenge: Building the Networked City From the Ground Up With Citizens.

On March 27 we are running an event about civic mapping, networks and technology as components for a fair and inclusive Networked London.

In the afternoon there will be workshop sessions about different methods of mapping, and how to meet the challenges of engagement and inclusion in the digital, networked age.

In the evening we'll discuss how to develop one or more Communities of Practice (CoP) and networks to learn together about developing a more networked city, and how to input to consultation about Smart City London.

Before the event we'll start “mapping the mappers” so we have a map of who is doing what for the 27th, and the basis for a CoP and network.

On April 19 2018 6.30-9pm we'll be running an event “Smart and Networked” with Outlandish at Space4

The Smart City connects things, the Networked City connects people. This event will explore the synthesis between these movements, and how we can combine technology and human interaction to create a modern capital that works for its inhabitants.

Here's our poster describing making connections at different levels:


The events are partly a response to the new London Smart City initiative, where the team have asked for input to their current "listening exercise". We believe it is important that civil society organisations and citizens can contribute their perspective to plans that currently focus mainly on public and private sectors.

In particular we believe that digital technology can support methods to map local assets, connect Londoners, support creative collaborations, enable citizen-led action, and address social isolation. We've focussed on these opportunities over the past year in our Networked City exploration - and argued that they should feature more prominently official plans for civil society infrastructure.

We think that Smart City London should be a NetworkedCity and there is scope for joining up Smart City with other London plans.

The March event is also an opportunity to bring together different methodologies that support our approach: on the one hand social network mapping and analysis, on the other using geographic mapping as a participatory cartographic tool for exploring less tangible social infrastructure, place making, community engagement and empowerment.

Here's how Nicolas Fonty and Barbara Brayshay of JustMap are working with Reclaim our Spaces to map community spaces under threat. Full screen map here

We are also combining our ideas for a Community of Practice in which civic change agents can learn from each other how to undertake mapping, and to use this and other methods for community building in localities, and networks.

We'll be running further events for the Community of Practice, and developing an online collaboration platform.

March 27 event


Newspeak House
133 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7DG


1400-1730: workshop and mapping exercises

  • Presentations about civic mapping and social network mapping
  • Who is undertaking civic mapping in London - results of our map-building exercise
  • Hand-on learning about different mapping techniques
  • Group discussions about mapping and network-building

1730-1830 networking and refreshments

1830-2100 panel discussion with speakers about Smart City, Connecting Londoners and civic mapping plus some group work.


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