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Blog posts and reports

Blog posts

Posts about Networked City and Connecting Londoners, latest at the top


Networks and social ecosystems
Mapping and development of networks underpins a lot of our current work on localities as social ecosystems.

Exploring how London can be a more Networked City
A background paper for our launch event on January 10 2017, including a summary of The Way Ahead initiative, models for cooperation and collaboration in the networked age, the development process for our exploration.

Supporting co-production
A note for The Way Ahead group on co-production, covering models for engagement, cooperation and collaboration, and the idea of local ecosystems.

Connecting Citizens
A paper summarising an approach to using digital technology, network thinking and self-organising to address three linked challenges: how people can find opportunities and services, and develop new relationships in their local communities; how to develop civic infrastructure when existing systems are reducing and new approaches are needed; supporting community connectors in their role of making connections and building relationship in local communities, and online

Mapping London networks
Report of the network mapping exercise undertaken by Drew Mackie at the Our Way Ahead event on July 21 2017

Report of a our Hub game simulation.
Workshop at London Metropolitan University with Our Way Ahead

Extending the Hub for London - pdf download
Proposals for the Hub for London Advisory group

Proposals for a Community of Practice - pdf download
How we could develop a Community of Practice to extend the Hub for London

Main sites and briefing notes

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