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Networked City and Connecting Londoners

Networked City is a loose framework within which people, projects and organisations can learn how to use mapping, network building, data and technology for community and social benefit.

We began the Networked City exploration in December 2016, initially funded by the London Council for Voluntary Service. The context was proposals from London funders and partners, called The Way Ahead, which stressed the importance of a community-based approach, and co-production, in plans to support civil society. Our aim was to explore how network thinking and digital technology could help.

We are:

Over the past the 18 month our group has included at various times David Wilcox, Drew Mackie, Matt Scott, Barbara Brayshay, Nicolas Fonty, Pete Burden and others.


Highlights of the exploration

  • We have developed this website as a knowledge base, linked to a blog, and an online forum that will be launched shortly. All blog posts and reports are listed here.
  • The new Hub for London has advertised a Networks Partner post where responsibilities reflect many of the proposals that we have canvassed during the Networked City exploration. That offers scope for future collaborative development.
  • We have developed detailed proposals for a network and Communities of Practice (CoP) that can contribute to achieving the Hub objectives, and brought together potential founder members at an event on March 27 2018. The CoP will be based on the forum.
  • Drew Mackie and David Wilcox have worked with Nicolas Fonty and Barbara Brayshay to bring together - for the first time that we know of - ways in which we can integrate social network maps and geographic maps. There are background papers here, and Drew, David, Nicolas and Barbara are working a several practical projects to apply these methods, including a map of the potential CoP members.

On this site

The Networked City exploration.

The Way Ahead and Hub for London

The Way Ahead initiative, led by London Funders, LVSC and Greater London Volunteering, produced a report in April 2016 on how to reframe support for London civil society. This report proposed.

a vision and system that puts London’s communities at the heart of the way we all work. From co-producing an understanding of need and how to tackle it with our communities, through to better sharing of intelligence and data, and making sure that civil society’s voice is heard in decision-making at a strategic level, there are recommendations for us all.

This provided the context for the Networked City exploration.

The main recommendation in The Way Ahead report was for a London resource hub, and in November 2017 the City Bridge Trust announced first year funding of £350,000.

More here on the Hub and The Way Ahead

Connecting Londoners

Connecting Londoners was formed from people in the Networked City exploration who wanted to put into practice ideas about mapping assets and networks, building networks and developing networked communications. We took the name from a report by consultant Steve Wyler, commissioned by LVSC, that made proposals for the Hub recommended in The Way Ahead report. We created a blog, and collaborated with Our Way Ahead on events.

This group is now superceded by the proposed network.

Our Way Ahead

Our Way Ahead was formed by London networks and community groups as a response to The Way Ahead reports and development. The statement of purpose says:

Decisions have been taken in the name of communities without their involvement, poverty pervades ever deeper, inequality is rising, and lives have been lost as services fail those most vulnerable. Our vision is to ensure that grassroots communities have a meaningfully powerful agency in the response to issues that affect their lives. It is those at the level of grassroots communities, the direct burden takers, who are best placed to lead the push for change, and the OWA Planning Group seek to work in solidarity with them through the facilitation of critical dialogue and storytelling, mapping of community activity and the support of collaboration on campaigns among groups within like communities of interest.

Many of the proposals reported here have been developed with Our Way Ahead, together with a series of events.


Network and Communities of Practice

We developed proposals for the Hub for London on a Community of Practice of mappers, network builders and civic tech specialists to support new stage development of civil society infrastructure. We discussed these ideas further at an event of March 27 2018, and created a map of potential CoP members. We are now thinking in terms of a network with a number of communities of practice.

Living Lab

How games and simulations can help us understand and plan network developments

Networks and mapping


  • David Wilcox @davidwilcox
  • Drew Mackie @admaque
  • Matt Scott @ourwayahead
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