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A co-production offer

A ‘co-production offer’ – whereby groups of local residents, service users etc. would be identified and supported to engage in co-production exercises with statutory bodies and others wishing to apply co-production methodologies.

A pilot project of this group but the leader will use her track record in helping make this project possible. People involved will be volunteers who have been successful entrepreneurs to help develop beneficiaries invest in self-employment (catering, beauty and health care and nursing, customer services, personal development skills, training and advice guidance, IT and social media, business planning, marketing, finance, collaboration.


  • A pool of local residents, service users and other ambitious and entrepreneurial people get trained and supported to work together and help similar people for an innovative project that makes them self sufficient, entrepreneurial and self-employed
  • Provide bespoke training, PD, business skills, IAQ, ongoing networking and coaching
  • Showcasing of various events; suggest learning about coproduction and networked approaches
  • Track record of the leader will be presented, evaluated. Train change agents and support network building and innovation
  • Gather and share success



* Endorse * Fund * Share x 4 * Adopt/deliver

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