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Initial model for a Community of Practice about networks for social action

This note was prepared for discussion with Connecting Londoners, Our Way Ahead, Hub for London and RSA Fellows David Wilcox October 2017

Summary: Bring together a group of people interested in how to build networks and support network-based action. Develop both a learning network and practical activities that can attract clients and funding. Use the network tools to learn how to build networks in practice.

The model The diagram shows how the community of practice (CoP) could operate as a learning network:

  • Gather stories about network projects and people, and ideas about the use of mapping, network building, digital technology and self-organising
  • Promote the stories, share content, and offer support services
  • Map existing networks, projects and stories, and also the developing community of practice
  • Act on the practice through events, training, consultancy, network building

The platform The CoP uses a mix of the methods that members may employ in the field in order to share and promote their learning and activities, and help build networks. For example, these and others tools:

  • Forum, blog, social media, wiki or other site for stories and howtos
  • Zoom and other video conferencing
  • Workshop events, games and simulations
  • Social network maps

Building networks, taking action The model also describes how networks can be developed, supported, and used. The sequence in practice might be mapping network assets and people; curating and promoting stories and activities; forming project groups for further action. However, we first need the CoP to learn together how to do that.

Further ideas for a Community of Practice

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